Call him Buzz Light-rear! This Buzz Lightyear doll stuck up a human bottom is just one of the 100 bizarre X-ray images in this new book

The collection of X-rays shows foreign objects ingested or inserted into human bodies, accidentally or on purpose. ‘My hands were full’ or ‘I fell’ were just some of the excuses offered to doctors Rich E. Dreben, M.D., Murdoc Knight, M.D. and Marty A. Sindhian, M.D. who collected the compilation. “Stuck Up! capitalises on the human capability of coming up with creative applications for everyday – and not-so everyday – items way beyond their designated uses, and features 100 X-ray images of foreign objects inserted into human bodies, accidentally or on purpose,” the publishers said. Dr Sindhian said: “Younger people are more likely to swallow objects, or stick them in their nose or ears. They will put everything in their mouth.” Dr Dreben added: “Sometimes patients tell us that they were doing some type of household chore in the nude when they ‘fell’ or ‘tripped’ or ‘jumped into bed’ and ‘landed on the object’.”

Pictured: X-ray

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Picture by: St Martins / Splash News

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