What is Déjà vu?

The strange feeling of having experienced the same situation at another time, it is called in French: déjà vu, meaning «already seen».

On numerous occasions while walking down the street, sharing an evening with friends or while at work, some people have the disconcerting feeling of having experienced the same situation at some other time in his life.

This event is very common in times of many people, is called déjà vu, as we have said that means «already seen», a term coined by French scientist Emile Boirac in late 800. Some scholars believe it should be called «déjà vécu», ie «deja vu».

Apparently due to an error produced by the human brain itself but the reasons are very difficult to explain.

Déjà vu is a feeling that almost everyone has felt at least once. In all its manifestations is characterized by common features.

It is something «Instant» and refers to a «Same Situation» temporary position as it is impossible to determine. And we caused a «sensation Disturbing»

80% of people have ever had the feeling of living an experience before. In the majority of cases it is an experience that lasts a few seconds, but the guy that lives can feel longer due to the feeling of unease that pervades. This nervousness usually disappears at the time of the end of the phenomenon, at most a few minutes later.

The facts are recognized immediately. However, it is impossible to locate in the past a similar situation, and the more we recognize it, the more it fades. Also, do not try to remember a face, a site or a smell, but an entire experience.

Although it is something known or familiar, is not reassuring, quite the opposite. Keep in mind that breaks the chronological order in which we are accustomed to follow. Suddenly, the present becomes the past … Or even crazier still, in the not lived but somehow remembered?

In many cases the fact of recognizing these events as experienced, they are viewed as capable of knowing what will happen next. But no, because this is an isolated incident that only lasts a few seconds.

Science and Deja Vu.

Many scholars have devoted many years of his life trying to discover the reason why there are these kinds of feelings or phenomena. In fact, Augustine would have researched the subject, even before they knew him by that name around the year 400.

After many years trying to find a reason to explain the déjà vu, experts who study the workings of the mind have not reached a final and unanimous conclusion.

Déjà vu for psychology.

Psychoanalysts believe that is the result of daydreams, of unconscious fantasies of the individual. It is a fact that happens by chance, but that is usually associated with something of great importance to the subject. If during the vigil have dreamed of a situation, unconsciously, to occur while we are aware, we really is known.

Psychologists and neurologists consider it a memory impairment in the brain are activated by neural circuits error responsible for the sensation of memory. So is «remembered» something that really has not happened.  (But if thought unconsciously).

Another less widespread opinion would indicate an alteration of perception.

It is also considered as a failure in the interpretation of the facts in time. An inability to establish first a stream and then another, is due to a lag between what we see and the time it takes our brain to record the moment.

Some studies conclude that in most cases occur in people with low attention spans, people tired and stressed. In low brain concentration, the subconscious picks up an experience rather than the conscious self, so that when the latter happens, the experience is already in memory and the conscious self identifies as a souvenir, but it really takes very little time in memory.

Spiritual explanations of Déjà vu.

In addition to the scientific study of psychological and neurological complexity to explain the déjà vu, has led to a number of theories associated with metaphysics, reincarnation and spirituality.

Within this field the most widespread explanation is related to the reincarnation of the soul. In a second life the individual is not able to remember «all» his previous life, but may have short memories and in that case, the déjà vu complement this belief.

In other ghettos is regarded as proof of having special powers. Many times the feeling of reliving the past leads to the belief that one can predict what will happen. It has also been linked with telepathy and proof of occult powers.

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